Reynolds-Gregg Team Announces Over 3,500 County Chairs

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For Immediate Release:
October 13, 2017
Contact: Pat Garrett
(515) 446-9159

Today, the Reynolds-Gregg team announced that it has recruited over 3,500 campaign county chairs across Iowa. These 3,500+ supporters will provide an unprecedented grassroots force to take the campaign’s message of building a better Iowa into all its 99 counties.

Governor Kim Reynolds touted the support saying “I am proud of the fact that our campaign is bringing so many people together behind a united effort to build a better Iowa. It’s also humbling to see Iowans take time out of their busy lives to get involved and make a difference in our state. Due to this robust grassroots team, we will be able to take our message to all of Iowa’s 99 counties in the months ahead.”

Lt. Governor Adam Gregg added, “Our campaign continues to grow and it’s allowing the Governor and I to talk to even more Iowans about the issues that affect them each day. We cannot thank our supporters enough for everything they do and the hard work they put forward. This team is truly a grassroots effort with one consistent goal: building a better Iowa.”

“I appreciate the Governor and Lt. Governor’s focus on forging a real grassroots campaign consisting of everyday Iowans from across the state built from the ground up,” said Will Rogers, a county chair from Polk County. “This is a hardworking, engaged team, and we are ready to help Republicans succeed up and down the ballot in 2018.”

Mark Hudson, a Linn county chair added, “We are excited to get to work to build a better Iowa, and Governor Reynolds and Lt. Governor Gregg have the plan to do it. I am proud to be a part of this campaign, and look forward to helping the campaign engage with our many ardent supporters in Linn County and across Eastern Iowa.”

A complete list of Reynolds-Gregg campaign county chairs can be found here. These county chairs will work with our field directors across the state to carry out important campaign activities such as knocking on doors, distributing campaign materials, and representing the campaign at hundreds of community events in all 99 counties.

The Reynolds-Gregg team is Co-Chaired by US Senators Ernst and GrassleyCongressman Rod Blum, and Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey. The campaign also recently announced the support of prominent conservative leaders. Furthermore, this impressive team shows that Iowa Republicans are united behind this strong grassroots campaign to help elect Republican leaders up and down the ballot, and ensure that Governor Reynolds and Lt. Governor Gregg can implement their vision for building a better Iowa for many years to come.