New Video: Governor Reynolds Offers Bold Vision for Iowa

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Today, the Reynolds-Gregg team released a new video highlighting Governor Kim Reynolds’ Condition of the State speech from Tuesday. She offered an optimistic vision for Iowa’s future as a state where if you work hard you can be successful. The video highlights the Governor’s agenda, from tax relief to workforce development, and how her background as a small town Iowan shapes who she is and why people can trust her to lead Iowa at this important time.

Watch the video here, or click the below image.

Condition of the State allowed Reynolds to offer Iowa a bold vision forward:

  • Under the leadership of Governor Reynolds, Iowa is the third best managed state in the country and the most affordable state for middle-class families.
  • Iowa has the highest high school graduation rates in the country and the state’s unemployment rate is at a record low.
  • In her remarks, Governor Reynolds shared her story and spoke directly to Iowans who, just like her, are daring to dream big for themselves as well as their family.
  • The issues she discussed are ones that real Iowans are facing right now, and issues she’s faced with them.

With the beginning of Iowa’s 2018 Legislative Session upon us, Governor Reynolds has shown that she is ready to lead. Governor Kim Reynolds and Lt. Governor Adam Gregg are focused on building an even better Iowa. Learn more about Governor Reynolds’ plan to build a better Iowa at