Governor Kim Reynolds and Lt. Governor Gregg Running to Unleash Opportunity for Iowans

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Gov. Reynolds Launches Gubernatorial Campaign in Hometown of Osceola

(OSCEOLA, IA) – Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds and Lt. Gov. Adam Gregg today officially kicked off their campaign for Governor and Lt. Governor of Iowa in Reynolds’ hometown of Osceola. During her remarks, Gov. Reynolds promised to be a governor for all Iowans, and someone who will work day and night to unleash opportunity for communities in all corners of the state.
“It’s small, tight-knit communities like Osceola that represent the best of Iowa and its people,” said Governor Kim Reynolds. “Iowa is a place where if you work hard and dream big, anything is possible. As I formally announce that I am running for Governor, my promise is to move our state in an even better direction. And so while I look forward to talking about our state’s historic successes, we must continue to unleash opportunity for Iowans and pass onto our children an Iowa even greater than the one we inherited.”

Lt. Gov. Gregg added, “Iowans have a lot to be proud of, including a study just released by U.S. News & World Report, which ranked Iowa as the top state in the nation for 2018. We are also the #1 state for middle-class families; our high school graduation rate is #1 in the country. Iowa boasts a historically low unemployment rate, and as a state, we are ready to build on this success and break new barriers to benefit all Iowans. To do just that, there is no better leader and Governor for Iowa than Governor Kim Reynolds.”

Following tonight’s event, Governor Reynolds and Lt. Governor Gregg will embark on a multi-week announcement tour across the state of Iowa touting our state’s historic success, and lay out their vision for an Iowa with endless opportunity. Find more information about the announcement tour here.

In preparation for the campaign’s launch, the Reynolds-Gregg Team built a massive grassroots organization to support the campaign, including over 4,000 campaign county chairs covering all of Iowa’s 99 counties.