Reynolds Campaign Launches First Television Ad: “Driveway”

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[Des Moines] – Today the Kim Reynolds for Iowa Campaign launched its first television ad of the campaign titled, “Driveway.” The ad will begin airing on television and digital platforms this week, highlighting the Governor’s fight to cut taxes and pave the way for new good-paying jobs.

“We are fighting for working families across the state of Iowa,” said Governor Kim Reynolds. “While we have so much to be proud of, there’s more that needs to be done to unleash opportunity for Iowans in every corner of the state. That’s why we are fighting to lower taxes and pave the way for new good-paying jobs.”

“Governor Kim Reynolds is taking her positive message for Iowans to every corner of the state,” said Hooff Cooksey, campaign manager for the Kim Reynolds for Iowa campaign. “Governor Reynolds is fighting for lower taxes, lower health care costs, and wants Iowans to keep more of their hard-earned money.”

Check out the brand new TV ad and more at View the transcript below:

My husband and I… used to wave goodbye in the driveway… as we took turns leaving for work, and watching the girls.

He worked days… And I worked nights at HyVee.

Together…we made it work.

I’m Kim Reynolds, and today my job is different.

But our story… it’s the Iowa story.

And that’s why we’re cutting taxes for working families, and paving the way for new, good – paying jobs.

Because I know how tough it is to make ends meet…

And I’ll never forget it.