Fred Hubbell “Doesn’t Have a Clue” About Iowa Agriculture Hubbell: I am just learning…

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Fred Hubbell “Doesn’t Have a Clue” About Iowa Agriculture 
Hubbell: I am just learning… 

[Des Moines] – After a few days on the road, Fred Hubbell’s latest political stunt on agriculture is falling flat, and he even admitted it himself: he’s just learning.Hubbell’s claiming to be in touch with Iowa Ag, but his record doesn’t stack up to that of Governor Kim Reynolds. It isn’t even close.

“Fred Hubbell doesn’t have a clue when it comes to Iowa’s Ag economy and look no further than his opposition to the ‘Farm Bureau Healthcare Plans’ that Governor Reynolds signed into law,” said Bill Horan, a corn and soybean farmer from Northwest Iowa. “Modern agriculture is always changing and I don’t see Mr. Hubbell even knowing the right terms used in modern agriculture.  In contrast, Governor Reynolds talks the talk, walks the walk and that’s evident by her longtime support for biofuels at this critical time for commodity prices.”

Governor Reynolds is an Advocate for Iowa Farmers: 

Governor Kim Reynolds fought for hardworking taxpayers, small business owners and farmers by signing historic tax reform into law that simplifies the tax code, returns money to hardworking Iowans, and puts Main Street Iowa first. “Reynolds signs largest state tax cut in Iowa history. Here’s how much taxpayers could save,” Des Moines Register, (5/30/18)

Governor Kim Reynolds signed into law legislation that helps farmers, small business owners, and hardworking Iowans find affordable health care coverage. This legislation was supported by the Farm Bureau, Democrat Lawmakers, even Hubbell’s own running mate. But unfortunately, not Fred Hubbell.  “Reynolds approves sale of non-Obamacare health coverage in Iowa,” Des Moines Register (4/2/2018) “Hart voted for ‘insurance-like’ health plans Hubbell opposed” Sioux City Journal (6/21/2018)

Governor Kim Reynolds and the federal delegation have been on the forefront of important Ag issues ranging from free and fair trade to a robust RFS. “Iowa political leaders cheer EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt’s resignation,” Des Moines Register (7/5/2018)

Fred Hubbell has either financially supported or been a part of Far-left environmental groups, who have opposed the interests of Iowa Farmers:

  • The Hubbell Foundation Has Granted Thousands of Dollars to Other Environmental Groups Based in California, New York, and Washington, DC.
    • Including $5,000 to the Sierra Club which Strongly Opposes Ethanol, “EPA Turns a Blind Eye to Ethanol’s Environmental Impacts,” Sierra Club Press Release, November 30, 2017
  • Hubbell’s Wife Co-Founded the Iowa Environmental Council (IEC) – the Hubbell Foundation Has Granted Nearly $70,000 to IEC in Recent Years.
    • In 2017, IEC Opposed Livestock Nuisance Litigation Reform Bill Supported by the Iowa Agricultural Industry  “Limits on livestock nuisance lawsuits passes Iowa Senate,” Des Moines Register, March 14, 2017
  • Hubbell and His Wife Serve on the Advisory Council for the Environmental Law & Policy Center (ELPC). “About Us-People-Advisory Councils,” (accessed on 1/25/2018)
    • The Hubbell Foundation Has Granted $125,000 to ELPC in Recent Years Source: Fred and Charlotte Hubbell Foundation, Form 990-PF, 2011-2016