Gov. Kim Reynolds Makes Public 10 Years of Tax Returns

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Gov. Kim Reynolds Makes Public 10 Years of Tax Returns
Calls on opponent Fred Hubbell to match her transparency

[Des Moines] — Gov. Kim Reynolds announced today that she will make 10 years of her household tax returns public.

You can view the tax returns online here.

“Iowa has a strong tradition of candidates and public servants setting high standards for transparency in their financial disclosure. Both Republican and Democratic candidates have always gone above and beyond the required financial disclosures and released their taxes,” said Gov. Reynolds. “Voters deserve full transparency, including the release of tax returns as part of the process of electing a governor. I hope Fred Hubbell will join me and publicly release 10 years of personal returns. Together we can continue Iowa’s long bipartisan tradition of financial transparency for candidates for high office.”

In 2017, Gov. Reynolds and husband Kevin’s status was married filing separately on a combined return. Information from the 2017 filing is included below.

Federal return

Federal AGI                                                $162,579
Fed tax before credit                                22,872
Fed tax paid/rate                                      22,872  (14.1%)
Refund at filing                                          $50
Taxable wages                                            116,515
Gross wages                                               153,046
Deductions                                                 28,903
(Charitable deductions/%)                    17,765   (10.9%)

State return

IA taxable income                                        $104,328
529 deduction                                               4,200
IA retirement exclusion                              12,000
IA state/school dist tax paid/rate           $4,950    (4.7%)
Taxes withheld                                              6,719
Refund at filing                                             1,769
SS tax paid                                                     7,356
Medicare tax paid                                        2,219
Total tax paid                                                $37,397