Fred Hubbell Refuses to Publicly Release His Tax Returns

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Fred Hubbell Refuses to Publicly Release His Tax Returns

What is Hubbell hiding?

[Des Moines] – Fred Hubbell’s announcement today confirms that he is refusing to publicly release his tax returns. This announcement shows that he’s hiding something in his own personal finances. Ironically, Iowa Democrats have repeatedly called on President Trump to publicly release his returns, saying that Americans deserve to know about a candidate’s “financial past and tax history.” 

“Anyone who has spent two-seconds looking at Fred Hubbell’s finances, knows that he probably has something to hide,” Pat Garrett, Reynolds campaign spokesman. “This announcement confirms it.” 

On August 7th, Governor Kim Reynolds released 10 years of her tax returns to the public and called on Fred Hubbell to do the same. Today’s announcement by the Hubbell campaign shows that he’s not willing to match the Governor’s transparency.

Fred Hubbell first promised to release his tax returns on May 23rd, 2018. After nearly 100 days of empty rhetoric, lofty timelines, and with just 68 days left until Election Day, Fred Hubbell has now decided that he will allow for the media to review one year of his tax returns for just three hours. This stunt only raises more questions about his personal finances.


In 2016, IDP Chair Dr. Andy McGuire said, “Americans deserve to know the truth about Donald Trump’s financial past and tax history. I call on Gov. Branstad to urge Donald Trump to promote transparency and divulge his tax returns immediately.”