Iowa Senate Democratic Leader Sponsored Bill Requiring Five Years of Public Tax Returns

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[Des Moines] – Fred Hubbell’s refusal to publicly release his tax returns has put him at odds with members of his own Party, who introduced legislation in 2017 that would require potential presidential candidates to do so in order to appear on the ballot in Iowa.

“Fred Hubbell doesn’t want to be transparent with his finances and now Iowa Democrats are stuck with a candidate who fundamentally disagrees with them on a very important issue,” said Pat Garrett, spokesman for the Reynolds campaign. “Hubbell’s refusal to publicly release his tax returns shows that there’s something he doesn’t want the voters to know about his financial past.”

In 2016, eight Democratic Iowa State Senators introduced Senate File 159, which would require presidential and vice presidential candidates to release their five most recent federal tax returns. Their call for transparency was clear, Senate Democrats demanded candidates to publicly release those tax returns online to get their name on the ballot.

Flash forward to the present day, Democratic Candidate Fred Hubbell has refused to put out five years of his own tax returns – a stark contradiction to the viewpoints of State Senators Joe Bolkcom, Tony Bisignano, Rich Taylor, Bob Dvorsky, William Dotzler, Pam Jochum, Liz Mathis, and Democrat Minority Leader Janet Peterson.