To Protect Hubbell, Iowa Democrats Remove Trump Tax Criticism From Their Website

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[Des Moines] – The Iowa Democratic Party is walking back criticism of President Trump in order to protect their nominee for Governor. A press release previously calling for then candidate Donald Trump to release his tax returns has been removed from the Iowa Democrats’ website.

The broken link can be found here.

“Now that Fred Hubbell is refusing to publicly release his tax returns, Iowa Democrats have begun walking back calls on President Trump to do the same,” said Pat Garrett, spokesman for the Reynolds campaign. “After being saddled with Fred Hubbell as their nominee for governor, Iowa Democrats are being forced to change their message in order to defend the skeletons in his closet.”

In 2016, the Iowa Democratic Party released a press release containing the following statement, “Americans deserve to know the truth about Donald Trump’s financial past and tax history. I call on Gov. Branstad to urge Donald Trump to promote transparency and divulge his tax returns immediately.”

This press release seems to have been removed from Iowa Democratic Party’s website just as Democratic candidate Fred Hubbell is facing backlash over his refusal to release his full tax returns to the public.