Hubbell Debate Strategy Insults Eastern Iowa

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Why is Fred Hiding?

[Des Moines] – For proof that Fred Hubbell is hiding, look no further than his nonsensical debate proposal. Fred Hubbell still refuses to release his tax returns to the public, and now he refuses a live debate on a broadcast network affiliate in eastern Iowa.

Following weeks of negotiations between the Democratic and Republican campaigns for governor, Gov. Reynolds’ campaign announced the acceptance of three debates, set to air live on leading broadcast network affiliates. Shortly after the Reynolds announcement, the Hubbell campaign accepted three debates. The eastern Iowa debate would only air live on the COZI network, a digital channel with limited viewership. That debate would then air as a rerun on the network affiliate KWQC. Reruns of news events receive far less viewership than live events.

An agreement could not be reached because the Hubbell for Governor campaign insisted that the debate in the Quad Cities be held at a date and time that would only allow for a live airing on the digital channel, denying live access to a much larger audience.

“We came very close to an agreement, but we couldn’t accept a debate that would short change voters in the Quad Cities,” said Hooff Cooksey, campaign manager for the Reynolds campaign. “Maybe the Hubbell campaign is afraid voters will get to know his real record and will reject him.”

Eastern Iowa is an important part of Iowa’s manufacturing base. Thousands of working families are still unfamiliar with Hubbell’s long business career, and his history of cutting hours and benefits and laying off workers in rural Iowa while giving himself huge pay raises.

The Reynolds campaign has accepted invitations from three debate hosts for the following dates and locations because it would result in three live debates on major Iowa broadcast networks, reaching the most Iowans. Those hosts can be found below:

Sunday, September 30th, 2018
KWQC, KCRG and the Quad City Times
Location: Davenport

Wednesday, October 10th, 2018
KCCI and the Des Moines Register
Location: Des Moines

Wednesday, October 17th, 2018
Location: Sioux City

***Times have yet to be determined***