What They Are Saying: Hubbell’s Lack of Tax Returns and Transparency Becomes Focal Point of Campaign

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[Des Moines] – Democrat candidate Fred Hubbell’s lack of tax returns and financial transparency has left Iowans and the media to wonder just where exactly did he make his money… so we ask again, what is Fred Hubbell hiding?

Here’s recent coverage from three editorial boards:

From the Quad City Times: “Hubbell’s response was a slap in the face to any voter generally interested in Hubbell’s ability to govern without favor. Last week’s offering only served to bolster voters’ concern that Hubbell’s primary interests might be different from the state’s. … And voters should withhold support for Hubbell until they know from where his millions came.”

From the Cedar Rapids Gazette: “Gubernatorial candidate Fred Hubbell releasing his tax information last week left Iowans with more questions than answers. The Democrat disclosed only a summary of last year’s taxes, showing $3 million in federal adjusted gross income. Journalists were invited to view tax documents, but they were not available for the public to see, and Hubbell’s sources of income were not included.”

From the Des Moines Register: “But for Hubbell to earn more than a petal’s worth of credit for transparency, he would at least need to let reporters see his complete 2017 return, including all sources of income. Voters should expect no less.