Governor Reynolds Wins Debate on Lower Taxes, Medicaid, and Fiscal Responsibility

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[Des Moines] – Governor Reynolds was the big winner in last night’s debate, dominating Hubbell on the issues and putting forward solutions. Fred Hubbell put forward no concrete plans – just more spending and taxes. He couldn’t answer basic questions on the 2nd Amendment, Medicaid, tax returns, or the budget.

“Governor Reynolds is fighting to lower taxes by up to $1,000 on hardworking Iowans, while Fred Hubbell’s tax increases take money from Iowa families who need it,” said Pat Garrett, Reynolds campaign spokesman. “Whether it was Medicaid, taxes, or the budget, Hubbell could only tear Iowa down while promising higher taxes, and bigger government. He didn’t provide solutions for Iowans, Governor Reynolds did.” 

On the issue of taxes, Reynolds showed why historic tax cuts matter and calling out Hubbell for wanting to raise taxes: “‘This isn’t about wealth,’ she said. ‘It’s about groceries, it’s gas, it’s necessities’.” (“Gov. Kim Reynolds and Democrat Fred Hubbell respond to political ads on Medicaid and taxes,” Des Moines Register, 10/10/18)

“‘…we don’t get to print money in Iowa, we have to live within our budget. And the only way you’re going to be able do it is to raise taxes’.” (“Reynolds, Hubbell Face Off in First Gubernatorial Debate,” WHOTV, 10/10/18)

On the issue of Medicaid, Reynolds showed Hubbell this issue is more than just talking points: “Hubbell, who previously has said he would return to the state-run system if elected, responded by saying that per-member costs are rising. But Reynolds said despite the criticisms, reverting back to the old Medicaid system would be costly and difficult. ‘You’re just talking about everything people want to hear,’ Reynolds said. ‘You’re not talking about how you’re going to fund the system going forward’.” (“Gov. Kim Reynolds and Democrat Fred Hubbell respond to political ads on Medicaid and taxes,” Des Moines Register, 10/10/18)

Overall on the issue of spending, Reynolds pointed out that Hubbell just wants to increase spending: “‘I’m afraid we are going to see massive budget cuts and more money out of health care, education, and infrastructure’,” Hubbell said. Reynolds fired back, asking how Hubbell would pay for increased state infrastructure if elected. ‘You’re promising everyone money, money, money, money. But you have no way of telling us how you’re going to balance the budget,’ she said.” (“Iowa gubernatorial candidates spar over state budget, Medicaid,” The Daily Iowan, 10/10/18)